Fake Market Research

I’m working in one of Big Four accounting/consulting firms. We do a lot of in-house market research and regularly buy/subscribe outside market reports. Lately I see a number of old and established boutique market research firms to close their offices in the face of increased competition from fake market research cottage industry sprouted mostly for the Indian city of Pune.

Fake Market Research

Freshly baked Indian MBA’s are churning out thousands new market reports weekly, playing SEO gaim on any meaningful word combination. The “analysts” in the Indian (don’t blame me racist, I’m not) sweatshops have never left India their city or village in their life, less so worked in the industry they write about. In SEO game quality does not matter, only quantity.
The small US or European market research boutiques that rely on analysts with extensive industry experience, do time-consuming surveys and interviews, dig in corporate reports and publish or maintain a few dozen report topics on on annual basis are loosing in this brutal spam onslaught. It’s like going old Western style with 6-loaded Colt against hydraulically driven seven-barrel Gatling-type aircraft gun spitting 3,000 round per minute.

Market research spammers clogged not only production, they clogged also all arteries of market research PR and distribution. Take a look at this press release distribution site — OpenPR, it’s a dump of market report announcements written under the same template, you will not find there in-depth analysis, original insight, or unconventional wisdom because they are not there.
They have different names — Transparency Market Research, MarkertsandMarkets, and countless others. Try to search in Google “market research Pune” — you’ll get the picture. The turned useless largest distributors of market reports MarketResearch.com and ResearchandMarkets.com into huge unmanageable pile of garbage.

The bottomline question is how to recognize spam. It’s easy and it’s not by country of origin which is hidden behind London’s or Boston’s bought address. No market research publisher, with the exception of of the respectable industry giants like Gartner and Forrester, can research in depth, publish and maintain thousands reports, not in a week, not in a year, not in lifetime. Go after market research companies that cover specific niches and have in portfolio a few dozens of reports.

Souce: Market Research Industry Clogged with Spam

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